About This site

First off, welcome! I know life is busy and full, so I'm humbled that you would take the time to stop by this site for a visit. I hope you take some time to check out the different features and resources that are here, but most of all I pray that you are blessed and encouraged by the experience.

Erik V. Sahakian (Yucaipa, CA)

Erik V. Sahakian (Yucaipa, CA)


The Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is linked to the purpose of a pastor. As always, God's Word says it best:

And He Himself gave some to be...pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.
— Ephesians 4:11-12

You see, one of the greatest privileges of my life has been to serve as a pastor. To serve God's people has truly been one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced. I take seriously the charge that Paul made: 

Therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood.
— Acts 20:28

The church (the people) belong to God, and the pastors have been entrusted with their care.

As a pastor, that’s my heart and desire—to honor Christ and His purpose for calling me by ministering to His church. I want to do that by offering the tools of discipleship to you. My desire is to live out Ephesians 4:11-12 by:

  1. Equipping you so that you can boldly share your faith and fulfill your unique purpose for which God has placed you here on this earth
  2. Building (edifying) you up as an integral member of the body of Christ

So I've created this website to hopefully encourage you and to place tangible tools in your hands that can be used to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus, as well as to help others grow. Everything stored on this site is here to disciple you and others:

  • Encouraging and informative weekly blog posts to follow and share with others
  • Audio messages covering a variety of practical topics from a biblical perspective
  • Books that I've written and published which are available for purchase
  • A weekly email with free Bible studies that can be printed out and passed along   

Part of my purpose is to help you fulfill yours.

My Promise to you

I've made a personal commitment to keep the content on this website fresh and new, so I have a promise to make to you. If you visit here often, you will notice that every week I'm going to add a new blog post as well as a new audio message to help you grow in your love for God and knowledge of His Word.

My blog posts are essentially a short devotional that are lighthearted and fun, but they do tackle serious subjects and they will always include truth directly from God's Word. I like to think of these as a shot of biblical espresso to kick start your day!

Audio messages are about 40 minutes long, on average, and they are mostly a verse-by-verse expository teaching of passages from the Bible (New King James Version, if you like to read along). Some are topical messages, but all usually touch on some Greek, Hebrew, and include proof text passages. Audio messages are meant to be "meatier" than the blog posts on purpose!

Both blog posts and audio messages are intended to help you grow and develop into a true disciple of Jesus Christ. You can read my thoughts on discipleship and how my mission is to use this site to help you by clicking here.

An Invitation

I also want to invite you to subscribe to my newsletter because I want to stay connected with you and to keep you up to date. To get the full experience you really need to use both this site and my weekly newsletter. Think of it as accountability on your path of discipleship!

When you subscribe to my newsletter, I will send you a weekly written Bible study in PDF format. These studies range from 5-10 pages and are my commentaries on key passages of scripture. Topics include abiding in Christ, knowing God's will, overcoming temptation, and many others.

I will also send you a "week in review" email to remind you of my blog post and audio message updates; plus, you'll be the first to know about any upcoming guest speaking events and books I'm publishing before everyone else does! 

I hope you see the value in subscribing to my email list, which you can do right now by clicking here

Paths & Prayers   hike (Loma Linda, CA)

Paths & Prayers hike (Loma Linda, CA)

About Me

My story began back in the summer of 1990. It was the summer before my sophomore year of high school and I was at a home Bible study at a friend's house. Having grown up in a Christian home, but having never truly lived my life for Jesus, I had just recently rededicated my life to the Lord.

At the Bible study, during a private moment of prayer, I asked the Lord to use my life to help others grow closer to Him, the way He had used others to help me do the same. In that moment, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me, "One day, you will be a pastor."

Flash forward several decades and I'm humbled and blessed to be an Administrative Pastor at Wildwood Calvary Chapel in Yucaipa, CA, where I regularly teach, counsel, and write. If I had to sum myself up in one statement it would be:

I have a passion to see people develop a profound love for the Bible, an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ, and to walk in victory through the power of the Holy Spirit!

I earned my undergraduate degree from Cal State Fullerton in Political Science and I have a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Redlands.

I'm an avid reader and writer, which has led me to author and co-author numerous books. You can check those out at my online store, which helps fund this site (other than that all the content is free and I don't do advertisements).

I also love to travel, which has led me to 24 states and 10 countries where I've had the opportunity to speak about God's Word and to share His love with others.

The best part though is that I get to share life and ministry with my lovely wife, Juanita, and our two children: Skylar and Maksim.

From left to right: Juanita and Erik (top), Maksim and Skylar (bottom)

From left to right: Juanita and Erik (top), Maksim and Skylar (bottom)